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Projects Overview


We were called to do a security systems check at a medium-sized company where a lot of their business was conducted over the phone. The problem was every time they were load shed or they had a general power outage the alarm would go off disrupting the work flow. To make matters worse, the response company was billing for all the false alarms.

We did a thorough check of the work premises and not only discovered that the alarm batteries had gone completely flat and was not taking a charge, which was why the alarm system sounded every time the power went down, but there was also a loose wire on the electric fence which had caused it to stop working. No one was any the wiser but a potential criminal would definitely have found that vulnerability and easily have gained access on to the property. After checking the CCTV system, we also discovered that the hard drive which stores all the footage had become faulty, most likely caused by the constant power outages.

We replaced batteries, cleaned the electric fencing and sorted out the loose wires, tested voltages and made sure the response company received the alarm signals. Now staff can work without interruption and the company’s bills from the response company are back to normal. Also the business owner can now focus on running her business rather than worrying about security issues.

We also provided the company with a new hard drive plus a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), which now means that if the power goes down the employees are given enough time to save work and shut down their computers properly. It also means that the CCTV system can continue to record for a limited period if there is a power outage during the night when the premises are mostly unattended.