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“The thing that gets stolen the most in business is time!” – Roy McEwan, owner 6th Sense Security.

While commercial crime is on the rise and companies are spending more money on beefing up security, one of the biggest issues in the business environment is the lack of control over the traffic flow within the building. Where are your employees? What are they doing? And how are they spending their time? Also, are unauthorised personal entering restricted areas? All of these questions can be addressed if businesses relied on access control and especially biometric access control systems.


Are you sitting with the following issues with your staff?
• Arriving late for work or leaving too early
• Claiming false overtime
• Taking excessive sick leave
• Taking excessive smoke breaks, tea breaks and lunch breaks
• Reception letting in unwanted visitors, who don’t have any business in the building
• Interdepartmental theft

The solution is access control, which can range from code and card systems to biometric access and facial recognition – the latter is more costly but also more advanced and better for high security areas.

Here are the 5 major benefits of having access control systems installed:
1. It will save you time and money – staff hours can be monitored creating a more productive environment and eliminating false overtime.
2. Link it to payroll - biometric access control as well as “Time and Attendance” systems can be linked to your payroll allowing for accurate and streamlined billing.
3. It provides more control and all-round security - access control can be integrated into your CCTV and security automation system.
4. It protects high security areas – biometric and facial recognition systems especially offer uncompromising protection which requires identification via finger prints, eye retina scans, hand prints and other physical features.
5. It controls the flow of traffic throughout the building – this means you have more control over where your employees or visitors are at any given time and also restricts people to certain areas.

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