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CCTV systems for 21st century security

Commercial crime in South Africa is on the rise! Over 2200 more armed robberies were committed on businesses in 2013/14 than the year before.

We offer a range of options to suit every requirement including installation of both analogue CCTV and IP (Internet Protocol) surveillance. Both systems are able to meet requirements such as high resolution, specified megapixel quality and storage capacity, or offsite monitoring.

By offsite monitoring, we mean:
  • Either a control room monitoring your cameras and responding to activations
  • Or, we’ll simply connect your security system to the network and supply you with an international IP address. You can then log into your system from anywhere at any time providing you have either a smart phone or any other device that is linked to the internet.
Analogue CCTV vs IP Surveillance
  • Analogue systems are simpler to install and run.
  • IP systems are more expensive than analogue but offer more in terms of overall value.
  • More companies are moving over to IP surveillance because of its scalability and installation flexibility.
  • While analogue picture resolution is adequate, with IP systems you get clear resolution images and the detail is much better.
  • IP surveillance can record a wider scene so therefore picks up more activity.
  • Analogue CCTV uses more cabling which can become cumbersome.

IP surveillance is more superior than analogue CCTV. However, if you have a small budget and you’re looking for something simple yet effective then analogue will serve your purpose.

There’s a new kid on the block!

Somewhere in between the analogue and IP systems we have a new system called analogue HD. It offers up to 720p (pixel) images and is priced lower than the IP-based surveillance system. Plus, it runs on the conventional RG59 (coaxial) cable.

The analogue HD is however brand specific and cannot be combined with other makes of equipment – it has its own version of analogue HD cameras and recorders. Also, a slight set back is that the cable distances cannot be longer than 90m without it losing picture quality. Keeping this in mind, the analogue HD security system is still a great piece of equipment and will serve its purpose extremely well.

6th Sense has the expertise to install and maintain products and components from these quality brands:

  • Hik Vision – analogue, IP, analogue HD
  • Vivotek- IP
  • Axis - IP
  • Provision - analogue, IP, analogue HD
  • Bosch - analogue, IP
  • Samsung - analogue, IP
  • Dahua - analogue, IP, analogue HD
  • Tele-eye – analogue, IP

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