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Lightning /surge protection

6th Sense Security supplies a full range of surge protection solutions, i.e. for the protection of electronic equipment against lightning strikes, power surges or surge spikes, including earthing solutions and low resistance technology. A surge protector attempts to limit the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

6th Sense Security has the expertise to install and maintain products and components from these quality brands:

  • Clearline
  • Surgetek
  • Ellies
  • BFR

Advice for installing a lightning protection system

In an environment where we depend heavily on electricity and technology, we are now even bigger targets for lightning strikes on the Gauteng Highveld. Lightening protection systems (LPS) are an essential precaution against this risk.

At 6th Sense Security we can advise you on the best LPS for your property.

  • We’ll look for the hazardous areas, as well as other factors unique to your home or business, such as local lightning conditions, the corrosiveness of the ground surrounding your property, etc.
  • We’ll design an installation specific to your structure and the contents in it, using the relevant codes of practice as a guideline – ultimately, we’ll provide you with the exact type of protection your property requires.
  • We’ll ensure that your LPS is fully compliant.

There are three types of LPS we will consider for your property and they are:

  1. A protection for structures against direct lightning strikes
  2. A protection against overvoltage on incoming conductors and conductor systems
  3. A protection against the electromagnetic pulse of the lightning

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One of our experienced consultants will meet with you to discuss your LPS requirements in more detail and provide you with a customised solution that best protects you and your property.

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