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Alarm Systems for swift intruder detection

Swift detection is the most effective form of prevention. Intruder detection systems are supplied by 6th Sense Security in a range of dimensions and with a wide selection of practical features. Wireless or wired, cost effective entry level systems, product-compatible components, or high level security installations, group bypasses, SMS reporting, interior or exterior installations, and much more – we customise our alarm systems to meet each client’s exact requirements.

6th Sense Security has the expertise to install and maintain products and components from these quality brands:

  • Texecom
  • DSC
  • Caddx
  • Paradox
  • IDS
  • Rokonet / Risco
How do I choose a security system that works for my property?

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing alarms:

When it comes to securing your property, you understandably want to spend your money on a security system that works best for your needs. Before fitting an alarm, consider what type of system will best suit your lifestyle and security requirements.

You will need to consider one or all three of the following types of alarms and at 6th Sense we can assist you in which ones you would require in order to create the ideal security system for your property.

  1. Interior Alarms – Provides security at all entry points and for detecting indoor motion so an alarm would sound if an intruder broke in through a door and / or moved around the premises. The settings on these alarms can be fully customised to suit your needs. For instance, you can ask for pet friendly sensors or to have different settings for night time or daytime use.
  2. Perimeter Alarms – Provides security at the boundaries of your property so if an intruder gained access over a wall or through an outside entrance onto your property an alarm would sound. Where the terrain is level, garden beams are ideal for securing the borders of your property or for protecting parking or storage areas. Electric fencing linked to an alarm system is also very popular for perimeter security.
  3. Motion Sensors – These are also referred to as “passives” and are able to detect movement in any environment within a certain radius where the sensors are placed so if an intruder breaks in the sensors will sound an alarm. These are ideal both for indoor and outdoor use.

Whether for residences, commercial or industrial properties, at 6th Sense, we supply superior quality technology and provide fully customised systems using any of these options. Using our extensive knowledge, we’ll assist you in designing a security solution that works for you and protects you best.

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