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“We are in business because we care. We care for our team members, for our community, for our clients and our future clients.” – Roy McEwan, owner 6th Sense Security.

6th Sense Security owner Roy McEwan started his electronic security installation company in 2001 because he cares. He knew that one of the most effective ways to combat rising crime in South Africa was to get into an industry which helps protect people and ultimately keep them safe and secure. “Our core business is delivering a service which is based on supplying and installing security systems and products to both the private and commercial sector,” says Roy. “We are unique in the sense that we listen to the needs of our clients and tailor-make the security system to suit their status and pocket.”

6th Sense makes security affordable by offering:
• FREE advice and risk assessments
• ACURATE proposals
• EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND product information

Roy knew that to use the caring approach in a hard-nosed industry he had to ensure that the care his company provided would begin at foundation level. This is why he trains his staff to not only provide a high quality of knowledge around the products but also to listen attentively and offer great service, too. “My technicians and office staff must also be in this business because they care for the safety and security of others. I am proud to say our clients become our friends because we build relationships based on trust and loyalty and we do this through our caring philosophy,” he says.

Roy puts his installation team through an intense training program to improve their know-how and experience. “As far as I’m concerned, education and training equals knowledge and empowerment,” Roy states, which is why 6th Sense Security’s caring attitude extends to the community by offering young fresh-out-of-school learners an opportunity to ‘learn and earn’. “By doing this we open up unique career opportunities for youngsters,” he adds.

It’s no surprise that 6th Sense Security’s mission is: “To make a difference in the community by caring for the safety of our clients and their most highly valued assets.” The company has been working to this standard since its inception and has secured numerous Johannesburg homes and businesses, big and small, over the last 15 years.

Roy has this advice as we approach the festive season:
1. Businesses should beef up their security with biometric access control. It’s highly effective and protects high risk areas. Go to to find out more about this type of security.

2. Retailers should be aware of the escalating crime in shopping centres over the festive period and install CCTV systems, panic buttons and proper access control. If they already have these security essentials they must get them checked to ensure they are still working properly. Read more about CCTV

3. Home security systems should be assessed, repaired and upgraded where necessary. Don’t go away for your long overdue festive break only to have it interrupted with news that your home has been broken into and cleaned out. Contact us for a free assessment

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