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What is the cost of commercial crime for your business?


  • Business robberies have consistently increased over the last eight years making it 461% higher than it was in 2004/5.
  • There were 2,238 more armed attacks on businesses in 2013/14 than the year before.

These are shocking stats, right? But with the correct security measures as a business owner you can do a lot to protect your company’s premises, and reduce your insurance premiums. Here are 6th Sense Security's 10 tips for reducing the risk of crime at your place of business:

  1. First things first! If you don’t have an alarm and electric fencing you should immediately look at having both installed – an alarm to arm all entrances and exits, including the outside perimeter, and electric fencing all around the perimeter of your premises.
  2. Install burglar bars on all of the exterior windows.
  3. If your business is situated in a high-risk crime area, you should think about hiring a night watchman.
  4. Install CCTV monitoring and put up clear-to-understand signage stating that your property is protected by CCTV – this will inform any potential criminals that your business is not a soft target. 
  5. If at all possible connect your CCTV system to an offsite monitoring centre
  6. Install bright exterior lighting – to save on electricity you can install lights with motion detectors as they will only switch on if there is someone moving around your property.
  7. Test your security system on a regular basis - at least every two weeks.
  8. Make sure all of your employees understand your security strategy; that they know exactly what to do and know who to contact in case of an emergency.
  9. If you keep cash on the premises, place it in a safe and leave the cash register open at night to deter criminals from breaking in.
  10. Make sure that the safe is the correct rating.
  11. Make sure that your safe is fire-proof and security anchored - if employees who have access to your safe leave your company you must change the safe combination.
  12. Don’t let cash build up in your safe – make regular deposits at the bank and be discreet about doing these deposits to avoid criminals being alerted. 
  13. If a staff member resigns, ensure that they return all keys and / or access cards, plus change the alarm / access codes immediately after they have left.
  14. Keep plants, shrubs and trees cut back to avoid potential ambushes and to ensure a clear view of the property at all times.
  15. If you feel suspicious of someone who has entered your business premises, alert security and sound your alarm – rather it be a false one than a potential crime scene. Also, take note of how the threatening person looks as this will ultimately help the police apprehend the criminal.
  16. When getting quotes for CCTV systems, electric fencing and alarms make sure the security companies you are dealing with are reputable by asking for references, credentials and compliance /training certificates. An above-board security company will have no issue presenting you with these.
  17. Ensure that the security company you are dealing with have the expertise to secure a commercial property, which is quite different to securing a residential property.   

Since crime on businesses has been on the rise, CCTV monitoring has become a highly sought-after option. The reason for this is because these systems are affordable and highly effective when set up to monitor premises, especially when deserted during the night. CCTV essentially becomes the business's extra “watchman”. Potential criminals generally steer clear of companies which are properly protected by CCTV.     

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